pray for darian

the other day i posted about darian kovacs, the director of canadafire, and our partner on the canadian youth workers conference. darian has been the banner-boy for this event for two years or more, dreaming of the event with us, giving us confidence that he was the right partner, and doing so much of the legwork (especially the relational legwork) to make this thing a reality.

last evening, just after i got here, darian was complaining of stomach pain. we all chalked it up to nerves and stress (and i tried to convince him it was gas, due to my experience last weekend). as the evening progressed, the pain was worse, and eventually darian and his amazing wife walked across the street to the hospital.

it wasn’t gas! darian had an appendectomy this morning. during the surgery, he got a bit of fluid on or in his lungs, and had to be put on a respirator for a bit. but the surgery is done, and he’s recovering well in the hospital i can see out my window as i type this.

bummer is: darian will miss the opening day of the convention tomorrow (darian, tic long and i are mc’ing, along with a sharp woman from toronto named melinda). and there are so many other aspects of the event that are darian’s head (like, what certain elements of the general session are supposed to be!). we expect him to be back here, released from the hospital, tomorrow. he and i are sharing a suite at the hotel, so he’ll be “home” here in the hotel; but it’s unclear when he’ll be able to engage back into some of his roles at the conference. weird, really.

we’ll be ok without him in the general sessions. but i’m heartbroken that he’ll miss at least some of the conference he has poured his life and time and vision into for the last year. please pray for his speedy recovery!

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  1. Lord thanks for Darian and that he may recover from this and be back really soon with the conference that You so used him to put together for the glory of Your Name. Holy Spirit will you comfort him, his wife, Marko and the rest of the staff there and allow Your great glory to be seen through all of this. Thank You for Jesus, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  2. Well, here’s hoping that Darian has put together a great team. From what I have seen of the YS conventions, if you and Tic and now Jeanne were to be diverted on your way to the convention to somewhere like Bolivia, (the next time I say “lets go somewhere like Bolivia” lets go somewhere like Bolivia), the show would go on with little to no hitch. We’d miss your personalities on stage, but I know from experience that you aren’t the only three people with personality at YS.

    The show must go on! I hope Darian gets well soon.

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