tickets to a padres game: free (thanks to michelle fockler, vp of events at ys)

parking: $10

two slices of pizza, two diet cokes, nachos, cotton candy, a butterfinger, and a package of powdered donuts: $27

taking max to a padres game, when a home run in the 9th inning, with two outs and two strikes caused the padres to beat the diamondbacks, and seeing my boy go ballistic with happiness: priceless

4 thoughts on “priceless”

  1. marko… great story!

    but my question is this… did you or max eat all the food? you did so well with the diet and look great in recent pictures…

  2. Wow you were there too? I brought my son and two daughters too. We spent less (hehehe). Of course we brought food. That was a great game. My kids went wild too. It’s always pricessless to see when your own kids are full of joy! I am glad you enjoyed it with Max.

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