puzzle puzzle

this was a real mind-burner, man. i almost gave up several times; but stuck with it and finally made it.

click and drag the little puzzle pieces, rotate them left and right, and fit them together. once two pieces are together correctly, they’ll stay together, so you can manipulate them as one piece. SO much harder than it looks (or, at least it was for me).

a couple pieces in this sample are put together, to give you a little start.

puzzle sample.png

i’m also going to give you a screen shot of the whole thing, finished. but i’m going to make it really small, so it’s not helpful to you to glance at here. you’ll have to right click and save it, then open it up as a regular-sized image, and that would be cheating. so make sure you’re choosing to give up before you click on this thing!


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  1. Great pass-time for moments of insomnia… I went to the gym tonight since I didn’t have time earlier in the day, now I’m wide awake and its an hour past midnight. Darn endorphines.

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