5 thoughts on “quote of the day”

  1. The quote is from Merlin’s podcast “You look nice today”, taken from one of the first episodes. The entire context is pretty hilarious, and it’s sadly a very truthful quote IMO!

  2. I think you should remove the quote. I remember the Asian skit controversy…. Have you ever been to a special Olympics?
    Do you know someone who has family or friends in the Special Olympics? I might have haters cause I said that but I am ok with that.

  3. jeremy — i think the special olympics are wonderful. this isn’t a slam on them whatsoever. it’s a slam on CCM.

    nice throw-back to the skits that teach mess, though!

  4. If you think the Special Olympics are wonderful why compare it to CCM? I understand your point, but I think you could make it more carefully.

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