radio interview about “the book of eli”

sunday morning, i did a short radio interview with doug pagitt about “the book of eli”. he didn’t like it, i loved it. we both talk about why we responded the way we did.

check it out here (i think it’s about 20 minutes into this section of doug’s show, and is 10 minutes long).

doug’s show broadcasts live online, and on am950 in minneapolis, on sunday mornings from 10am – noon. all the shows are available online as podcasts after broadcast. doug refers to his show as “religious radio that’s not quite right”.

2 thoughts on “radio interview about “the book of eli””

  1. I loved the movie. Danielle and I originally went to see Avatar which was sold out so we ended up in the front row of the Book of Eli. Had to open my eyes up really wide to take it all in. I’ll be glad when more people see it and I can talk about it. I have spilled the beans on a few films in the past so I’m going to be careful not to reveal anything.

  2. I’m with you….I really liked it. Not so much because it was an amazing film, but because it is cool to see an entire movie plot based around the bible. I thought it did a fantastic job of illustrating the power, abuse, importance of the bible and what a faithless world might look like.

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