random and scattered christmas stuff

DSCN1675– flying to detroit today, for our annual christmas trek. my family and jeannie’s are all in detroit. in my 46 years of life, i’ve never spent a christmas day anywhere but detroit. we mostly split our time between jeannie’s family and mine. but this year jeannie and i are getting away to a little cabin for 4 days between christmas and new year’s to celebrate our 24th anniversary (which is january 4).

– i’m leaving town while 2 good friends (who don’t even know each other) are in deep pain, and i wish i could hang out with each of them and have a beer two or three times in the next week.

– made a fun little christmas mix cd for some of my extended fam who we don’t buy gifts for, called “a merry marko christmas.” here’s the playlist:

1. o come, o come emmanuel (the crossing)
2. oh little town of bethlehem (bright eyes)
3. the christmas song (vince guaraldi trio)
4. winter wonderland (rosie thomas)
5. hark the herald angels sing (kendall payne)
6. oh holy night (kendall payne)
7. feliz navidad (david crowder band)
8. have yourself a merry little christmas (frank sinatra)
9. christmastime is here (rosie thomas)
10. i believe in father christmas (u2)
11. silent night (rosie thomas)
12. what child is this (kendall payne)
13. let it snow! let it snow! let it snow! (harry connick, jr.)

– we celebrated christmas with our family yesterday, and had a blast. jeannie and i created a little adventure game for the kids. there were a dozen clues and challenges, and they got their presents throughout the morning as they completed those items. then, in the evening, we all cooked a big dinner together. i also got a few lovely items:

– a handmade wooden egg that max took a very long time making
– some “poker dice” from max (weird little 8 sided die with card faces on them for playing poker by rolling dice)
– a cd and dvd: “the killers: live from royal albert hall”, from liesl
– a tub of toffee coated cashews from jeannie
– a new game, “pictionary man”, which max gave to the whole family
– a photo mouse pad from jeannie to replace the manilla folder i had taped down on my desk for that function
– a pedicure gift certificate from jeannie (yes, pedicures are seriously manly; deal with it)
– an itunes gift cert from jeannie
– a starbucks gift cert from jeannie

DSCN1694– jeannie is always grabbing a blanket to cuddle in while watching tv or reading a book. so one of the gifts i got for her was a snuggie. i wrote “for my snuggler” on the outside of the wrapping paper. when she saw it, the night before opening it, she said, “ha! that makes me think it’s one of those stupid snuggie things!” i seriously had to suppress laughter, knowing how completely awesome it was going to be when she opened it!

– my favorite gift we gave our kids was $50 kiva gift cards. as part of our adventure game, i brought my laptop to a local coffee house where we were having breakfast; then we gave them the gift certs, and they had to go online and figure out what they were and how to use them. liesl invested in a beauty salon in jinja, uganda; and max invested in a store in ecuador.

9 thoughts on “random and scattered christmas stuff”

  1. Love the playlist – thanks for the inspiration and some alternative versions of old favourites – will make this week of work go quicker! Merry 2010!

  2. Kiva seems like a great org. My wife and I try and give something to a different org. each month as part of our monthly giving. This would be a great way to help our boys keep thinking about giving beyond just “give and forget.” Thanks for the link. Hope you have a wonderful, merry Christmas.

  3. very cool about the Kiva gifts. That’s become a tradition I’ve instituted with my family for the last few years. It’s cool to see our accounts growing as we add to them each year and our loans expanding as we lend & re-lend. My niece is just over two and I’m looking forward to when she’s able to understand what it is and see all the different projects she’s already been a part of.

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