random encounter in singapore

2 1/2 sightings in africa last week. and another last night. i knew mark rhode, vp of world vision usa, was going to be here in singapore this week, because i was with him in zambia last week and we’d talked about it. but c’mon, it’s a city of a couple million people.

last night, tony, dan, sivin kit and i sat down for dinner at a california pizza kitchen, and mark was sitting at the next table.

i’m tellin’ ya. it’s just weird.

4 thoughts on “random encounter in singapore”

  1. Marko,

    I am not trying to pimp my blog but wanted to let you know that I put you on my blog roll. I am inspired by your writings and plan to take me site to new places. If you do not approve of a link to your site on http://www.thenxtlevel.org I will gladly take it off. Peace Bro. Sam

  2. thanks for having wifi!
    and thanks for keeping everyone posted on your whereabouts!
    and the great updates! looking forward to seeing you today, tomorrow or what ever it is when you arrive back home.

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