random facts meme

i’ve been tagged by renee, my friend and coworker, in a random facts meme. i’ll play along.

rules to play

1. players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

my 8 random factoids:

1. my first “job” was totally illegal, i now realize. i was in about 3rd grade, and i worked after school at a greenhouse planting seedlings. my older sisters (um, 5th grade and 7th grade — it was a child-labor hotspot, baby!) worked there also, and my parents must have assumed it was ok since they were there to keep an eye out for me.

2. once, by accident (actually, by the sub-par work of a cosmetology school special-ed-case), i had concurrent orange, blonde and purple hair. i never had my hair colored at a beauty school again.

3. some people crave sweets, but i crave ruffles potato chips and french onion chip dip. mmmmmmmm.

4. speaking of sweets, i much prefer white chocolate to regular chocolate. milk chocolate’s ok; dark chocolate, not so much.

5. my youth pastor when i was junior high was terry prisk, now the pastor of this church in brighton, michigan. my youth pastor when i was in high school was steve andrews, now the pastor of this church in auburn hills, michigan.

6. some time ago, tash mcgill tagged me on a favorite restaurants meme. and i blew it off (sorry, tash). here are a handful of my favs (i’ll go with three in san diego, and two in london):
island prime and c-level lounge (best steak joint, and funky view-spot bistro, in san diego)
the prado (every bite is perfect, no matter what you order. in balboa park, san diego)
kemosabe (asian fusion. jeannie and i love, love, love this place)
wagamama (who knew noodles could be so good. why don’t we have these in the states? ooh! i just went to the website, and there are now two in the u.s. — both in boston. so, next stop, san diego?)
belgo (jonny baker introduced me to this place, and i’ve never been anything but ecstatically pleased on my four visits)

7. typically, i do not enjoy live music as much as i think i should. i love music of all sorts, but just don’t motivate myself to pursue attending many concerts. i am thinking, however, of seeing the pogues when they play san diego in october (oops, nope. just checked my calendar, and, ironically, i’ll be in ireland when the pogues are in san diego. maybe we can house swap). oh, and for a completely different reason (because i love my daughter), i’m going to the american idol showcase concert thingy this thursday night.

8. i’m about to go to sleep on a brand-new, never-been-slept-on mattress. they were changing it out when i checked into my hotel room.

ooh, tagging 8 i think might actually play along…. um…. let’s go with 8 regulars from the wonderful “youth ministry exchange” forums (with apologies to all the other great blogger/ymx’ers who i didn’t think of in my first eight):
1. adam mclane
2. derek tang
3. patti gibbons
4. amy sondova
5. katie tang
6. gerrard fess (a.k.a g-man, whose birthday was sunday)
7. deneice fuji
8. len evans

8 thoughts on “random facts meme”

  1. Wow! I had almost forgotten about The Pogues.
    I got introduced to them by randomly pulling them out of a duffle bag full of cassettes that a friend of mine borrowed from another friend on a ski trip to Colorado. We were driving up non-stop from Texas and ran into a blizzard going through our first mountain pass at about 2am. My little 1988 S10 Blazer struggled uphill and against the wind. The snow seemed to create a tunnel as it flew straight at us. Stopping for gas on the other side, I said, “That was pretty weird back there, wasn’t it?”

  2. awww, I will respond to the tagging for sure. I need to add you to my blog list as I have gone private with it…however, FYI…I am no longer a “regular” at YMX……they banned me.

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