random meeting

boarded my plane from vancouver to san fran today (connecting down to to san diego), and i’m sitting in my crap seat, reading a book while the rest of the plane continues boarding. suddenly i hear, “marko?” i look up, and it’s josh fox, worship leader at vintage faith church in santa cruz (where dan kimball is the pastor). during the flight we got up and stood in the back and got caught up on life. i really like josh, both as a person and as a worship leader. here’s josh…

3 thoughts on “random meeting”

  1. I’m really liking the one crazy tooth in the pic! Josh is a great human and a great worship leader who deserves more attention…and his own worship leader action figure (we made one of him at our office to add to our growing collection -david crowder was the first in the series)

  2. hey! that crazy josh fox guy. a group of us nz youthworkers came over in 04, and hung out with Josh for a few days in Santa Cruz. He’s mint as cool. love those random hookups.

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