random seasonal observations

– we packed up our christmas decorations and put them up on shelving in the garage today. how odd to put away all the decorations on december 18.

– likewise, the christmas tree is now upside down in the ‘greens’ trashcan, ready for pick-up tomorrow morning, it’s little exposed tree-butt sadly sticking out the top.

– in packing the christmas stuff, we noticed that the dog ate the head off the camel from the nativity set i bought a few years back in bethlehem. not sure what that says. seems there’s an illustration in there somewhere.

– likewise, one of the wise men had his face removed, by our dog. no other damage has been reported by the holy family at this time.

– having my wife and son fly through chicago tomorrow, while my daughter and i fly through denver, gives us close to 100% confidence that someone won’t make it to detroit. frequent flier seats have their dark sides.

– i hate cleaning the house to leave. but with a dog/housesitter coming as we leave, this is my lot (well, ‘our’ lot would be more accurate, as i’m certainly not doing it alone!).

– packing a family is perfect storm at the intersection of “the least fun a family can have” and “most guaranteed family activity to bring tension and a possible right at some point”.

3 thoughts on “random seasonal observations”

  1. Marko-
    Hope you and your family continue to have a meaningful celebration. And since you’re a Jack Bauer, those on the plane you’re on will be in good hands…

    Please forgive the completely unrelated comment here, but what was the name of the Over the Rhine song you had played in your talk in the last session of the NYWC Nashville? I’ve been wanting to get it, but didn’t know which song/album…

  2. hey chris — it wasn’t OTR, it was Innocence Mission (the two groups are friends, and have a vaguely similar sound — but IM’s vocals, with Karen Perris, are pretty distinctive, in a childlike bjork-y way). the song is “i have loved you” from their album “small planes”.

  3. Marko-
    Thanks…I’ve heard IM before and like their stuff as well. Don’t know why I was thinking of OTR…anyway, thanks again!

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