random sedona encounter, and a few final pics

completely unplanned with me, my ys co-workers, tic long and michelle fockler (pres of events and vp of events) and their spouses arrived in sedona, arizona (where my family has been all week) friday for the holiday weekend. neither had been here before, so it’s not like a place we all go regularly.

so the 8 of us had a fun breakfast together yesterday morning.

highly random.

here’s a few final pics:




this one is called “snoopy rock” (really). can you see why?

snoopy rock.jpg

One thought on “random sedona encounter, and a few final pics”

  1. You probably forget who I am but some friends of mine from Bible college and I met you the night before the YS convention in Cincinnati… anyways I have a crazy story because last week thanks to a job post on the YS website I was offered a job in L.A. so in about a week I’ll be hopping on a plane and moving from boring old Ohio to your neck of the woods which is CRAZY!!!

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