random thoughts bouncing through my head

it’s noon, and i should get out of this wonderful westin robe and get dressed.

i don’t feel like expending the energy to be proactive about moving a particular relationship forward. it just sounds a whole lot easier to let it fade away. but this is, i know, a semi-depressed, fatalistic, uncommonly pessimistic perspective.

this hotel suite is hilarious. since we bring all these people to town for the national youth workers convention, the hotels give us a few of their best suites (to be clear: no one paid for this with their registration fees!). this one is 3450 square feet. even the bedroom has a living room in it.

i hope this convention rocks as much as i thought anaheim did a couple weeks ago.

i’m pumped about seeing people arrive tomorrow and friday. things in these hotels and convention centers just come alive when they’re filled with thousands of youth workers.

really, is there any slice of humanity more fun than youth workers? especially youth workers en masse?

i wish my wife and kids were here.

i’m psyched that my college-age nephew is attending the convention this weekend. can’t wait to see him.

it’s raining, and i’m feeling melancholic.

the westin has starbucks fair-trade coffee for the in-room coffee makers. this makes me happy.

jeannie and i are tired of suburban living, and actually toying with the idea of moving downtown san diego, or somewhere in that vacinity. she’s been feeling this way for a while, and it just hit me. she’s more cautious that me (a nice balance) — i’d probably move immediately, but we’ll likely take our time.

ok, i really need to go get dressed and get out of this robe…

11 thoughts on “random thoughts bouncing through my head”

  1. The Westin??? I stayed in the Westin when I volunteered in Pittsburgh last year. NICE. Nice you guys can get some consistency! LOL

    Couldn’t get my church to give me the okay – maybe I’ll just run away for a weekend and stay in your GIGANTIC suite! WOW!!! I could drive to Cincinnati – spend a few hours and come back to Saint Paul by Sunday morning right? LOL

  2. Hey I like your random comments blogs. Gives me hope that its ok to be real and share what I’m really feeling. Hope you have a great convention. Living downtown san diego would be sic. Move to Hillcrest :)

  3. A few years back at the NYWC in Texas my wife and I had several bumps and bruises with our rooming situation in the first 24 hours. The nice folks at the Adam’s Mark decided to make it right, though, by giving us a refund for that night and letting us stay in a new room.

    Knowing I’d want to scope it out first, I went looking for it but couldn’t seem to locate it. Finally I asked a maid where I should be looking and she said, “Oh… daz de Prezidentiel Sveet.”

    And it was. Four bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, living area… I’m not stretching the truth when I say it was bigger than the house I lived in at the time.

    Um… yeah. I was the hero of the day to my wife.

    “Thanks, Youthspecialties!”

    (Can that ever show up in a promo video someday?)

  4. CINCY!!!!!!! The only downside is that I’ll be in Ohio for the “BIG GAME” and I actually do feel somewhat like I’m breaking a ten commandment by doing that. OH Well CINCY!!! NYWC!!!


    Did you say 3450 feet? Because that is bigger than my house…It’s actually bigger than my first house and my current house combined.

    CYA you in exactly 7 hours.

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