really loved this ym3.0 review

pat villa, a gracious catholic youth worker, had this to say about youth ministry 3.0:

My friend in ministry Marko wrote a book called Youth Ministry 3.0. It is, as it says on the cover, a manifesto of where youth ministry needs to go.

I received my copy on Friday, but was very anxious to read it. In fact, I brought it to Magic Mountain on Saturday just to have it with me.

So this morning, in my desire and need to rest, I started going through it. Now, it’s not a long book, but I normally do not have the patience/attention to sit and read anything for extended periods of time. Yet, this was a “can’t-put-it-down” situation.

This is a book I will be reading and re-reading and processing and studying and interpreting for a long time. But, my initial reaction is peace. Peace that my current personal and ministry/career discernment – and the reactions both positive and negative to both – is the right and necessary cross for me to bear now. That this cross will lead to death – death of pride and selfishness – and, more importantly, a glorious new life of humility, service and love.

This cross has been, and will continue to be hard for me to bear. Yet, after reading this, my consolation is that my suffering is pointed in the right place: to my own conversion as a son of Christ.

Now, only if my Jesus-centered hopes will birth the patience necessary incarnate change at the service of the Church…

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  1. Marko,
    I got your book and read it all while at the YS conference. It was spot on when dealing with youth ministry has been and where it is going. I came back and bought 25 more copies for our Youth Ministry Leadership Team. I am not sure what our youth ministry will look like in 2-5 years but I know it will be radically different than what it looks like today. It is scary, because some of the changes that need to be made means sacrificing some sacred cows. (And anytime you start those types of sacrifices it could mean you are next on the chopping block). But I have a renewed passion for youth ministry. I have been blessed to do what I love for 18 years and i can’t imagine doing anything else. Thanks for the research and time spent seeking other youth ministers to help you write it. (I enjoyed their asides as much as anything else in the book)

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