really nice ym3.0 review

still diggin’ the “what i loved”/”what i didn’t love” context of these reviews for youth ministry 3.0. houston, we have a theme!

this wonderful review is from paul martin, on his like a fire blog:

I have been putting this off for some time, though I’m not sure why. I have been looking forward to Mark Oestreicher’s new book Youth Ministry 3.0 for a while and finally got a copy of it. Mark previewed a lot of the book on his site before its release, so I was really quite pleased to finally get the book.

Mark has made it pretty clear that he isn’t proposing a new formula for youth ministry with this book. Instead, this book is more like a “where we have been, where we might go” kind of approach. I would have to say that I was happy with the outcomes and with how he expressed each stage of youth ministry through the years. This would be a great book for a youth pastor to get his senior pastor so that he understood why the ministry wasn’t like it was 10 or 20 years ago. This would also be a great book for a veteran who is tryng to re-imagine what they do or try new things. It would also be a great book for someone new to ministry who is just trying to figure the whole thing out. I guess it woud be a great book for lots of people.

What I like:
The Cover (just looks good, unlike a lot of youth ministry books designed by ADD graphic artists)
Quotes from people in the trenches ( a lot of good sound bytes)
The examples from the past are really great in showing how really wrong some of the stuff we used to and yet how well it worked.
The last two chapters I would say that everyone in youth ministry need to have in their face almost every day they plan anything in youth ministry.
It’s short, so almost anybody can finish it in a day. No beating around the bush.
It has a Facebook site already up to discuss it. Seriously could be something cool if people are willing to be honest.

What I didn’t like:
Not much, but…
It was short (I know, I liked that it was short, but I really want to flesh this whole book out some more)
I think the possibilities pointed to could be fleshed out more. There could be more options than what is offered for the preferred future (though I don’t think it could necessarily be done by one guy, even if it is Mark).
I was thinking more and more about individual guys and how their gifting fits into where youth ministry will go into the future. I would love to hear ore about that, though again, that might be beyond the scope of this book.

In a nutshell, I think this is an important book for youth ministry. I put it in the same category as Jim Burn’s Youth Builders and Walt Mueller’s Engaging the Soul of Yoth Culture both which I recommend to anyone in youth ministry who hasn’t read them. Way to go Mark, now let’s get some ideas flying and hear some stories of attempts in 3.0.

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  1. that’s funny because i haven’t read the book but the one thing i don’t like is the cover art. i wish it was just a solid color like green or blue with an actual ipod where the title on the screen was “Youth Ministry 3.0” or something like that.

    There, add that to the tittilating discussion!!

  2. Thanks for the add Marko. Saw you today but you looked too tired to have the gospel shared with you. Try to catch you tomorrow.

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