registration for the middle school ministry campference is open!

i haven’t written much about the middle school ministry campference in a while, and i have some very exciting news taking shape (to be announced in a couple more weeks, hopefully). but in the mean time, adam and i decided to go ahead and open registration. we didn’t change the rate from last year — still the same absurdly cheap price for an all-inclusive event. in other words, get yourself to the campference, and everything else is included:

    – program
    – accommodations (in cabins, but still)
    – all meals
    – a flower necklace upon arrival (wait, no, that’s from the MSMC hawaii in my dream last night)
    – close encounters with marko’s beard (i don’t know what this means yet, but as i wrote it, i realized it’s going to need to be something more than five words here. i feel a crowdbreaker coming on.)

at the risk of sounding like a sales pitch (let’s be honest: i am pitching you, because i really want you to join us), most three day events cost around the price of this, or more, but don’t include accommodations and meals. which means that your cost easily doubles or triples.

the only reason we can price this thing so low is due to our wonderful partners: spring hill camps, christ in youth‘s jh believe, group missions tripsweek of hope, and simply junior high.

here’s what a few of last year’s attendees wrote on their evaluation forms:

The MSMC just confirmed the importance of middle school ministry and confirmed my calling from God to continue in this work.

MSMC was everything you love about camp – fireside chats, laughing until your sides hurt, worship, and the felling you’ve made an entire army of new friends who love random, awkward, authentic, and deeply impressionable middle schoolers. I left refreshed, encouraged, and challenged to go back and love middle schoolers and their parents to Jesus!

MSMC was a great experience! From late night silliness to deep discussions about the lives of middle schoolers, I truly feel energized and ready to do ministry.

This unique event allows us to learn in a conference style while at the same time getting to hash out application in the laid back camp feel. It was also an incredible time of sharing life, ministry, joys and sorrows with other middle school ministers.

if you genuinely care about junior highers and middle schoolers, come to our tribal meeting this october 26 – 28. here’s the website. just scroll down to register (and get the early bird rate between now and the end of june).

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