rock, paper, scissors on crack

rps 101.jpgyou know those people who take a simple joke and just go too far? or, those people who get into a little practical joke back-and-forth, and just can’t stop before things get out of hand?

those people must have created this game, loosely baesd on rock, paper, scissors (officially called ro shambo, btw).

they call it “rsp-101: the most terrifyingly complex game ever”. just makes you want to jump right in and play it, doesn’t it? a description:

A 101-gesture version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. A game so complex, I highly doubt anyone will actually even want to attempt to play it. It’s not just remembering what beats what, but remembering how to actually say all 5,050 outcomes is something only a savant could manage.

really, you gotta click on the chart and scroll around a bit to experience the combination of awe, horror, delight and sorrow you will feel for the creator of this game.

(ht to mark mcgowan)

2 thoughts on “rock, paper, scissors on crack”

  1. if you are giviing credit to mark mcgowen from CO, i believe it. the guy is the game master. i am sure he can play that with his eyes closed.

    it looked a little out of my league when i noticed it went beyond the rock, scissor, paper. we added the occasional dynamite or toilet bowl, but that was all we could handle.

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