san diego nywc, friday morning

had a great start yesterday. the critical concerns course i’m co-presenting with scott rubin has a great group of middle school peeps. love it. then, i had a fun time walking the exhibit hall last night and reconnecting with friends. late night, i got to hang out with the always-enjoyable martin saunders, the editor of youthwork magazine in the UK.

today’s my most slammed day. critical concerns course for a few more hours this morning. then i have a short interview in another CCC, a run-through on the mainstage, then — at 1 — the opening general session. right after that, i’m presenting a new seminar with mark riddle (“the expectations that killed the youth worker”). then the evening general session. and who knows, for late night hanging out.

i can’t wait to see that general session room full of youth workers, and to hear us all sing together with crowder. yee-ha.

8 thoughts on “san diego nywc, friday morning”

  1. Loving the Critical Concerns Course! Looking forward to a great weekend with a bunch of great people!

  2. The “expectations” seminar sounds very interesting.

    But when you said, “sing together to Crowder” can I assume you meant, “sing together TO JESUS WITH Crowder”?

  3. Didn’t even get passed the first line before I was reminded to register for the Critical Concerns course I’m taking in St. Louis. A very fortunate side-effect…

  4. ha, good catch, matt k. yes, i meant the latter. typing fast this morning before i ran out the door. i think i was thinking, \”worship to the music of crowder\”, not \”worship crowder\”!

  5. This weekend has been amazing so far. I keep looking around and realizing we are going to be going back to our communities in a few days and sharing all this passion…and that makes me even more excited!

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