san diego nywc, sunday morning

whew — we’re in the thick of it now, baby. and i’m exhausted. but — as i always do at these events — having a blast. yesterday had two fantastic and challenging general session talks, from frances chan and doug fields. actually, they have some similarities in their communication style, now that i think about it. both are very genuine and self-effacing. both spoke from a place of brokenness, where they’ve experienced some healing. both are wickedly funny, but not to distraction. and both had messages that were not meant to comfort, if you know what i mean.

i got to be part of the exposure we give to compassion, international, on stage yesterday. compassion flew in a wonderful young woman (in her 20s) from the philippines who’d been a sponsor child, and went all through the leadership development program (which pays for college education) and is now in a leadership role in a ministry and sponsoring a compassion child herself. she’d framed her story out for me when we chatted beforehand. but when she told it on stage — wow — well, let’s just say that i wasn’t the only one choked up; i was just the only one who had to try to speak directly after she shared. which i couldn’t — for a moment. the whole room gave her a standing ovation — a long one. it was beautiful. michelle (that’s her name) will be with us at the other two conventions also.

this morning i’m off to lead a book club, which i’m really regretting agreeing to. i needed more sleep this morning. a couple general sessions today, of course. and, this afternoon i lead my new seminar called, “a new vision for middle school ministry”. hope that one goes well!

oh, and security came last night to tell us we were being too loud and had to disband (that is, on the balcony of my room). it was 1am anyhow.

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  1. Francis Chan (voice of God) kicked my butt yesterday. I am still chewing on the things he said. I am looking forward to your seminar this afternoon on the “new vision for middle school ministry.”

  2. Marko — I was trying desperately not to let my tears turn into heaving & weeping right there (might have been kind of uncomfortable for the people sitting nearby). Seriously, though, what an amazing story! I think the standing ovation reflected how much her story moved the hearts of everyone there.

  3. Wow, I’m excited to see her and for the convention in Atlanta!!! Thanks! :)

    Love Francis Chan too. We’ve had him at our denominational (Free Methodist) big youth conferences before.

  4. Hey Marko,

    Is there a place on the NYWC website that we can order tapes or cd’s of the speakers? I wasn’t able to go this year, but I love listening to Frances Chan. Doug Fields is good to I suppose.

  5. Mark,

    Just found your blog. I love your heart. Thanks for sharing the Middle school stuff. Very good to consider.

    May I speak honestly? After looking at your schedule, my immediate knee jerk is this: who are you pouring into that could amplify your joy and lighten your load? Or are you hooked on the drug of “pleasing others” to the extent that you exhaust yourself at events rather than serving out of your strength? There are probably 100 guys that’d give up a week to be discipled by you at these YS events–and the other leaders for that matter. Or are we only reinforcing the value that you have to “be someone important” to get mentoring “by someone important”. I know this is how the world operates. I pray it’s not how we as servants of the King delight in serving!

    God bless you. Keep shaking the gates of hell brother! May God bless your family. May God bless you with seeing your grandchildren worship at the feet of Jesus. That’s the desire of my heart! bw

  6. sean – -they can be ordered from psi tapes. but i don’t think they put the order form up ’til after the last convention. they’re selling downloads this year also, which is a nice addition.

    oops — my bad. i see there’s a site up already. here is it:

  7. Frances Chan’s talk was so convicting! What an amazing man. But Michelle’s story broke my heart. I began sponsoring kids using my allowance as a child. Our youth group sponsors 8 children, but as our middle schoolers from last year have moved up to HS, the giving has really dropped. Is Michelle’s testimony available on video? I’d love to be able to show the students the reality of how child sponsorship makes a difference.

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