save blue like jazz, the movie

donald miller has stirred my imagination and shifted my thinking and encouraged my heart with his writing and speaking. and he’s just a darn swell guy also, from what i’ve experience when he’s been at ys events in the past.

i’d love to see don’s book, blue like jazz, in movie form.

but there’s another factor here: steve taylor. steve is somehow both the quirky christian music icon i listened to non-stop in the mid-80s, as well as the music label exec who had the very best bands in christendom in the 90s, and also a dude who i came to consider a friend (thanks to a few mutual friends).

steve has been working on a movie version of don’s ‘blue like jazz’ for four years (don wrote about the screenwriting process in his last — absolutely brilliant — book, a million miles in a thousand years). i even had a chance to read an early draft of the screenplay.

but now, a major funder of the movie pulled out just before they were ready to start shooting. steve shut the whole thing down. but, apparently, fans of don’s book, and fans of steve’s work, wouldn’t let it go away that easily. people started a little campaign to raise the funds needed; and it’s looking reasonably likely that the funds are truly going to come in.

so… if don’s book(s) had an impact on you…
or if you think steve taylor is cool…
or if you want to support this kind of culture creation by christians…
or if you just want to be able to say “i helped fund that movie” when “blue like jazz, the movie” comes out…

then click here to learn more, and give. i did.

4 thoughts on “save blue like jazz, the movie”

  1. Don is one of my favorite authors… and I’m glad to hear BLJ is heading to the screen. I just heard the good news earlier today that the need has been met and now they are hoping to break $200k to make up even more ground (and break theatrical records to).


  2. It feels like this movie has been waiting forever to be made. I am so glad some people stepped up and started the campaign to save it. I’ll be giving :) I am giving a student a copy of Blue Like Jazz today. That book changed my life and is essentially the reason I ended up going to college in Portland, on Mt. Tabor. It’s the reason I attended Imago Dei and the reason I’m in Youth Ministry. It was one of the foundational pieces that helped me believe in God even after being raised in the church for 18 years. How could I NOT get behind that?

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