school duped into administering dozens of electric shocks to students

ok, so, not only does this “behavior modification” school actually administer electric shocks to students on a regular basis, but a student in the school, posing as an official, pranked the school into giving 77 electric shocks to one student, and 29 to another. crazy, even hard to believe.

the school is Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

here’s an article on usatoday’s blog.

here’s how the school describes the treatment:

JRC’s skin-shock therapy (not to be confused with the psychiatric procedure known as electroconvulsive shock therapy or ECT) is a behavior modification procedure in which a mild current from a battery operated device is passed for a two-second period through a small area of the surface of the skin of an arm or leg. The sensation has been compared to a bee sting with no after-sensation. It has no significant negative side effects.

here’s the school’s statement:

“The so-called prank call … was an isolated, unprecedented incident that occurred more than three months ago,” the school’s senior counsel, Ernest Corrigan, says in a statement released yesterday to the Associated Press. “We immediately reported it to the appropriate state agencies and the local police.”

this helps me narrow down my choices for my daughter’s high school next year by one.

5 thoughts on “school duped into administering dozens of electric shocks to students”

  1. Mark, even if there are no medical side effects, to experience 77 electric shocks has to be emotionally traumatic, especially if you are a disabled young person, which, if I understand correctly, most of the students at this school are.

  2. When I was in Psychology class in college, the prof told a story about a class of students that “conditioned” their professor to only do his lecturing from one spot in the classroom! I guess they did it with their body language. They only acted interested in his lectures when he was in that one spot. He somehow picked up on that, so that is where he stayed because he had their attention. See, you don’t need to give shocks to instill “behavior modification”!

  3. not to be over the top, but every teacher, administrator or adult that let this happen need to be fired. are you kidding me? electric-shock? do we forget these are children? who cares if it hurts or not? the whole thing pisses me off. sorry marko.

    it’s barbaric.

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