seminars and conversations for the MSMC

this just in!

we have finalized the seminars and conversations for this year’s middle school ministry campference (october 26-28, in seymour, IN). it’s a cool slate of options, with some more traditional seminars mixed in with guided conversations and active sessions. of course, in addition to these babies, we’ll have a freakin’ sweet list of free-time and late-night options. and, of course, since it’s a campference rather than a conference, there will be almost endless opportunities for all sorts of additional conversations on whatever topic you want to add to the mix!

Scott Rubin
Teaching Middle Schoolers (whether or not teaching is your #1 gift) (seminar)
Developing Sticky Faith in Middle Schoolers (conversation)

Kurt Johnston
Partnering with Parents (seminar)
How To Last For The Long Haul (conversation)

Brooklyn Lindsey
Middle School Missions: Moving from maintenance to mission in your middle school ministry (conversation)
Understanding Middle School Girls (seminar)
The Ministry of Writing (how to get started) (late night)

Four Hours of Early Adolescent Development in One Hour (seminar)

Katie Edwards
Creating a culture of Servant Leadership (conversation)
Empowering and Encouraging Adult Leaders (seminar)

Adam McLane
Managing your 3rd life: Balancing work, family and social media (conversation)
Becoming Good News: moving from a program to a ministry (seminar)

Johnny Scott
Principles of Programming (seminar)
Jesus, Calling, and Your Story (conversation)

Mark Dowds
Self-knowledge: How to Get It and How It Impacts Your Ministry (conversation)

Tic Long
Honest Leadership (seminar)

SpringHill Camp Staff
GWAPS (games with a purpose) (active session)
The top 10 Best team building games (active session)

time to register! if you give a rip about junior highers or middle schoolers, this is the one and only event for you, baby!

4 thoughts on “seminars and conversations for the MSMC”

  1. Dang, these look good. I think I’ll go!
    And, I just can’t help myself. WARNING: MINI-RANT AHEAD.

    Re: Adam’s workshop:
    Programs and Ministry ARE NOT mutually exclusive, dang it! It isn’t one versus the other! What, you can’t have “programs” and also be delivering Good News and doing Ministry? Programs are the devil, programs are the devil, programs are the devil!

    To those reading this comment:
    I only post that here to give you a peak into the robust conversation and interaction about MS Ministry you will be missing out on if you don’t attend the campference! Me and Adam really like each other…we just have fairly strong differences of opinions at times. As do the rest of the folks at the campference. BUT you won’t get to experience the fun, the fellowship, the stretching of one another etc. if you don’t come!

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