she’s a mutha

we had a really fun mother’s day (and eve) celebration of jeannie this past weekend. saturday night, max and i picked up each person’s favorite flavor of california pizza kitchen pizza (four cheese for max, five cheese and tomato for liesl, garlic chicken for jeannie, thai chicken for me). we heated ’em up, then rented august rush on pay-per-view (oh! how did i not know about this movie!?!). halfway through the movie, we paused it, and pulled out the “cake”. we told jeannie we’d wanted to get her flowers, but they weren’t practical, since jeannie and i were leaving for guatemala the next day.

DSC04848.JPGso max and i picked up this sunflower bouquet cake. the sunflowers are little decorated cupcakes. pretty fun!

this morning, knowing jeannie and i are leaving tonight, we took the morning off church and spent it as a family. the kids and i brought coffee and presents to jeannie in bed, first thing. then we got ready, and went down to pacific beach to have brunch at a great little beach-front restaurant called “world famous.” the kids both had pancakes. jeannie had banana nut bread pudding french toast and a mimosa. and i had prime rib hash and a fantastic bloody mary.

after breakfast and a bit of a stroll along the beach front, we drove out to a nail salon. jeannie had asked that we consider a pedicure for her for mother’s day. so all four of us got pedicures! liesl and i have had a couple before, but max had never had one, and giggled through the whole thing. the foot massage part was great, and they did this parafin wax treatment on my feet that gave me the smoothest dude feet around.

so, a little game of “name the oestreicher family member feet” (yes, we all got nail polish on our feet!):

o fam feet.jpg

5 thoughts on “she’s a mutha”

  1. best guess on the feet: starting at the top and working clockwise – Jeannie, Marko, Max (bold color choice for a first-timer, dude!), and Liesl

  2. Same here. I’m thinking Max probably wouldn’t want a pseudo-French manicure for the first time, and I do admire the robin’s egg blue!
    Pretty stylin’ peds there, all!

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