smack talk

oh, and to all of you from o-h… i-o. all i have to say is this:


(noon, eastern, today. it’s a grudge for last year, uh, and, the previous few years.)

wow, talk about eating my words. michigan, i can honestly say, sucked. i’m surprised OSU didn’t beat us by more of a spread!

13 thoughts on “smack talk”

  1. Bill,
    Sorry but it won’t be much of a game. OSU wins. Go Boise State Broncos!
    Da Bears!!!!!!!

  2. I have a feeling that last week’s unfortunate loss has fired OSU up. It could be another sad year for Michigan.

    Love you anyway.

    Debby, mom to a Buckeye

  3. Go Bucks! Sounds like Carr has a press conference set for Monday morning all the insiders say he is planning a resignation speech…the game wasn’t pretty and Tressel sure packed it in without letting Boeckman lose it but Beanie showed his stuff..

  4. Hi Marko!
    Hey man, My condolences to you… Believe it or not we had a mixed group yesterday at my place. Two of our youth here are die hard Michigan fans, and they came. I even hung out their Michigan banner for them ;-) Of course I got some crap about that one some of the OSU kids… ;-) But that’s good too!
    I agree, last week’s defeat fired up the Bucks. But Michigan definitely showed up, and I did see great playing – OSU definitely had more issues with the weather conditions. But it was a good game. There were a lot of “oops” on the OSU side too…
    Hey dude! There always is next year!
    Still lifting you folks up in prayer in Atlanta. God Bless and Take Care,

  5. And lowly Illinois beat Northwestern….and Ohio State last week……what does that say about Michigan??? GO ILLINI!!!

  6. Marko. Wow even in your parting comment you just had to rip OSU. It never ends with Michigan fans. They are just well uh…you fill in the blank. Rhymes with Appalachian.

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