snot sucker

nosefrida-sm.jpgreally, this product is listed as a “cool tool”. and, really, it’s a snot sucker. that’s right. really.

honest-to-god, hand-to-heart, this is copied straight outa the description:

You put the mouthpiece in your mouth, press the open end of the snot-collection chamber against your kid’s nostril (it doesn’t go very far inside the nose), and SUCK.

later in the description…

It sounds disgusting and bizarre…

ya think? those are the five most honest words in the whole thing.

yes, i have two kids. and, yes, they were snotty from time to time. and we had a little turkey-baster-like snot syringe. but a snot sucker? really?

(ht, somehow, to mark eades)

9 thoughts on “snot sucker”

  1. Four boys. Multiple sinus infections. Would never have even thought about using this thing. Disgusting and bizarre’s a good description.

  2. Does this thing work for blood clots? What if you put it too far in? Is there a chance of sucking brains out? Is this a possible tool use. How strong is the suction? Would it have helped Arnold get rid of his nostril bomb in Total Recall.

    Perhaps the worst question is this… What if it works well? Now what am I supposed to do with a mouthful of bacteria laden goop? I see another YS game ideas book!

  3. Of course it has a filter, and nothing gets near your mouth. I have used it for years and it has saved us from many nights of stuffy noses…

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