spanking shakespeare

spanking shakespeare.jpgspanking shakespeare, by jake wizner.

here’s a shorter review than normal…

this is an extremely creative and fun young adult book about a 17 year-old guy who is very gifted at writing, but not much else. he’s struggling through his senior year in a creative writing program where he has to write a memoir about his life. so the chapters in the book jump back and forth between his actual memoir chapters and his reflections about them and life.

that said, it’s another one of the YA (young adult) books that are a good read, but would be difficult for me to recommend to actual teenagers, due to its obsession with masturbation, sex, drug-use and alcohol, and other (very real) stuff. not that i’m a prude who thinks kids should only read christianized (read: sanitized) fiction with falsely scrubbed kids having bible studies.

seeing the author’s bio, and that he teaches 8th grade english as his day job, i was instantly a fan. but i kept thinking, as i read, that his book would be somewhat over-the-line for the kids he teaches (let alone the parents of those kids!).

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