speaking of bacon…

i find this an odd cross-section of intriguing, disturbing, amusing and odd. apparently this guy has been tattooing pigs for years. a recent exhibition in china (where he creates his art) got him into hot water (hot mud? hot ink?) due to a lenin tattoo on one of the pigs.

here’s an article

here’s a gallery (i have to admit, the louis vuitton pig does seem to qualify as an intriguing piece of art).

disclaimer: no pigs, or animals of any kind, were injured in the writing of this blog post.

(ht to bobbie)

One thought on “speaking of bacon…”

  1. OK?
    Well mythbusters used a leg of pork and tatooed on it for one of their experiments – even that looked weird but at least it had a purpose.
    I wonder if tatooed pork gives some kind of food poisoning.

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