stereotypical camp counselors

ooh, before the summer is completely over, and need to point to this hilarious post on stuff christians like about the 7 kinds of christian camp counselors found at every camp. funny, funny stuff.

click through for the descriptions, but the categories are:

1. The Joe Cool
That guy that all the girls love.
Natural Enemy:
Sir No Showers a Lot

2. The Disciple
Prayer Warrior, Holy Roller, Hardcore for Heaven
Natural Enemy:
The Pastor’s Kid

3. Sir No Showers a Lot
Stinky, Smelly, Dude bathe already
Natural Enemy:

4. The Nicest Person that Ever Lived
Natural Enemy:
That’s not very nice of you to ask.

5. The Reformed Rebel
The legend
Natural Enemy:
The Narc

6. The Narc
Phariswat Team, Fun Police
Natural Enemy:
Everyone, particularly people “making purple.”

7. The Rebel
The bad seed, the “how did that guy get to be a counselor” guy
Natural Enemy:
Whoever finds the contraband he hid in a shallow hole by the ropes course.

any more you creative, youth working, ysmarko readers would like to add?

8 thoughts on “stereotypical camp counselors”

  1. Timely post. My jr. high group just started our summer camp last night. It’s 7.47 am breakfast at 8am. We’ve been here less than 24 hours one homesick students, one girl hurt her shoulder during a game,one almost puky kid. You gotta love camp!

  2. The No Show:
    Aliases: The counsler who wasn’t there, the counsler on paper only, the one who _____ (ended up in the hospital the first week, had a relative die, got a better job, got kicked out etc.)
    Natural Enemy:
    The lifer (the one who’s served every year since the camp was founded)

  3. An add to the no-show: …the one who didn’t pass his drug test.
    … the one who… when finding out the camp drug tested, convienently decided he didn’t want to work there anymore.
    (He swears it was just by being around it!)
    I’ve worked at camp too long.

  4. “That Guy”
    The kid who plays guitar, acts like a ninja, crys during worship, farts during the sermon, and all the girls surprisingly like. He is just, “That Guy”
    Aliases: “Oh no he didn’t”
    Natural Enemy: The PK

  5. “Guitar Guy”
    Aliases: Have instrument, will travel. Worship dude.
    Natural Enemy: Paintball kid, Dodgeball lass.

  6. The Post
    Aliases: “The Not-Funny Dude;” “Board Guy” (as in “stiff as a…”)
    Natural Enemies: Pre-teens with a sense of humor; junior highers with a caustic wit; the emcee trying to get him offstage on skit night.

  7. The Pre-Teen
    Aliases: “He Who Found His Inner Child And Won’t Put Him Back”
    Natural Enemies: The Camp Director; The Insurance Adjuster

  8. The kid who plays guitar, acts like a ninja, crys during worship, farts during the sermon, and all the girls surprisingly like. Its nice to see that boy playing guitar.
    Marq Thompson

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