stuff you can use (dot org)

youth workers, you should know about stuff you can use ( it’s a nicely designed and easy to navigate site that’s sole purpose is the free sharing of resources.

i don’t know kenny and elle. and this is not a paid post or anything like that at all. but i particularly like a couple things about what they’re doing:

first, there’s no angle on this. they really are about creating a free clearinghouse, where you can use their stuff, where you can get other peoples’ stuff, and where you can share your own stuff. whatever the quality of the stuff, that’s a good impulse, and i loudly applaud it (in fact, i’m starting a slow clap at this moment, if you’d like to join me).

second, kenny and elle are my people. by that i mean: they lead a middle school ministry. i might not know them, but i get them, and i know they get me.

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  1. Marko! Thanks so much for the love and the shout-out. Really appreciate you. It’s been a fun few months with Stuff You Can Use and we are SUPER excited about the resources and contributors that are still on the way. Thanks for believing in it and helping us spread the word!

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