sunday randomness

– i lead two days of amazing, but brain-straining meetings on thursday and friday, bringing in a handful of web 2.0 consultants and other interests to put some shape on a dream. it was challenging for so many reasons, not the least of which was that most of the people in the room were way smarter than me, knew fifty times more about the web than me, and were opinionated people who didn’t always agree with each other. i’ve been writing this up and thinking about it all weekend, and make a presentation to the leadership of zondervan on tuesday.

– max and i went to see drillbit taylor yesterday. it was actually funnier than i expected. not a brilliant movie, but who goes to a movie like that expecting brilliance?

– i didn’t get to the health club yesterday. my knees are so sore from my treadmill incident (i feel like it’s gotten worse, rather than better), i can’t imagine doing cardio that uses my knees in any way. some commenters on the “are you a bigger loser than marko?” community site suggested a swim for a few days while my knees heal. so i think i’ll try to brave the chilliness and just swim in my own pool today.

– we had a super-cheap dvd player hooked up to the 60″ hi-def tv i talked jeannie into getting me for my 40th birthday 4 years ago (shoot, almost five years ago). and we busted that dvd player in mexico a week ago. so max and i went to best buy to pick up a new one yesterday. decided to get a blu-ray player (which also plays regular dvds). blu-ray seems to have won the high-def dvd race with hd-dvd (hd-dvd is soon to be the betamax of high def dvds). it was a mental challenge to hook it up, as it took some programming on my tv. but when the image came on the screen, the kids and i just sat their in awe. i may have started drooling.

– dave palmer, former ccm record exec (for squint, rocketown, gotee) and new vp of marketing for ys, got to san diego friday and is staying in my home until he moves his family out here. he’s been house-hunting all weekend, and starts at ys on tuesday. dave and i watched the darjeeling limiteed on pay per view friday night. what a wonderfully quirky, funny yet somehow honest movie.

– jeannie’s been at the spiritual directors, international, conference in washington, dc, since thursday. it’s been a challenge to host these meetings and get this presentation done while juggling the kids and their schedules also. jeannie comes home tonight.

– got some freakin’ awesome music this weekend. from amie street, i put $25 in my account and uncovered five fun finds:
antiblas (an afro-beat jazz group),
mutubumbile orphan choir (awesome african music, sung by a children’s choir),
reeve oliver (alterna pop, in the vein of weezer),
the knees (sounds like liz phair fronting wheatus),
the peasall sisters (yes, for something very different, this gorgeously simple, o-brother-where-art-thou-ish old-timey country)

then, at best buy yesterday, i noticed out the corner of my eye that both flogging molly and dropkick murphys had new cds out (i love irish punk), and grabbed ’em both, along with the soundtrack for the darjeeling limited (which is weird and wonderful).

oh, and a friend gave me be your own pet’s (high school punk) newest, and foo fighters newest, imogen heap’s new one, and gnarls barkley’s newest, which are all so great. i worked out to be your own pet the other day, capped off with a little gnarls barkley.

– i have a bunch of blog book reviews to write for books i finished on our trip to mexico, but i’m not finding the time to get them written:
wikinomics: how mass collaboration changes everything
nerds: who they are and why we need more of them
intuitive leadership: embracing a paradigm of narrative, metaphor, and chaos

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  1. Marko,

    Good music refs. I like The Knees and be your own pet, if you like them, you might like letters to cleo and 1997. rock on man!

  2. You know it amazes me how much you have on your plate yet still find time to read more books in a month than I’ve read in my entire life. I’ve bookmarked the majority of the books that you’ve placed good reviews on, yet my reading time has been limited to your blog, my bible, and group magazine.(not in that particular order of course)

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