support “team oestreicher” in our quest to help the children of zambia

zambia.jpgour family is excited to participate in a local (san diego) effort called walktheirwalk. walktheirwalk is a 12-mile walkathon to raise funds for a school renovation in the community of twachiyanda, in zambia, africa, and to provide a clean water well also. there’s so much cool stuff brewing on this (like princess zulu possibly coming to san diego to speak at the event, and the world vision staff in that region of zambia joining us in walking 12 miles the same day) — but i’ll post on those items at a later date.

here’s what i want everyone to know today: my daughter, liesl, and my wife, jeannie, will be walking in the walkathon as “team oestreicher”. my son, max, and i will be volunteering that day at a water station. jeannie and liesl are trying to raise money. they’ve created a personal fund raising page, where you can go and give, securely, to this wonderful effort. it’s so fun for us to see our neighbors and friends and family popping up on that page as givers, supporting both liesl and jeannie, as well as the children of twachiyanda.

here’s what liesl and jeannie wrote on their site:

Hey Everyone!

We’re going to join hundreds of other people and walk 12 miles on Sepetember 29, 2007. This distance represents an average daily walk to and from school in Zambia… for the lucky ones who get to go to school at all. We’re going to walk their walk. We’re honored to do this, and we ask that you join us by sponsoring our walk.

The goal of this year’s walk is to raise the money needed to build Siantete Basic School in the community of Twachiyanda, Zambia and to build a clean water well. These two items are foundational for the future of this impoverished, AIDS ravaged community.

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM LIESL: A year ago I helped the youth group at my church do a variety show to raise money for aids orphans in Africa. We raised enough money to build a whole health clinic. We weren’t expecting that much money. It was a really cool experience for me. It made me feel great to help like that, to be part of something so big. I think this will be the same kind of experience, and I’m excited to be part of it. Please sponsor me! Thanks.

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM JEANNIE: I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this walk of hope. I want to use my legs and my prayers and my energy to help provide justice and mercy where it is needed. And in Zambia, it is needed. So I will walk, and I invite you to join me in whatever way you can. Thank you.

(All gifts are tax deductible. Donating is simple and secure. Our partner, World Vision, will use these gifts to build Siantete Basic School and help provide fresh water in Zambia.)

please consider clicking through to their page and making a donation.

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  1. You know what I’m gonna join them too! Looking at the website and the information, God just put it on my heart to do it. 12 miles is long, but I don’t do that everyday in the heat like those kids do, so I thought I’ll do it!! Thanks Mike, Liesl, Jeannie for inspiring me. I look forward to meeting you guys on the walk. I you guys get a ton of support!

  2. Bravo! I have been to Zambia twice to train teachers from these community schools and there is such a need. In fact, my husband and I are committed to help Pastor Fabiano Chiluba buy a parcel of land, repair the building, and then build an orphanage in a shantytown on the edge of Lusaka. We, too, are raising money for this project and hope to return with a team next summer to work and do outreach. The Zambian people are such a blessing to us and we love them. Perhaps you would like to join us next summer!!! We have worked with Campus Crusade the last two years. We’ll pray for much success on 9/29.

    Together in His Service, Marilyn and Howard Meell

  3. As an RN, I too traveled wth a team to Zambia. I am serving with Marilyn Meell and look forward to seeing God’s work continue through really neat ministry opportunity in Zambia. God is opening doors and we’re excited to see possibilities as several churches and Christians here in Michigan work together for short term ministry in Zambia – would your church in CA be interested in learning more? In Him and for His glory, Judy Hutton

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