surviving the san diego power outage

maybe you heard, or maybe not, but a public employee in arizona did something yesterday afternoon that caused a series of events to trickle through the electrical grid, resulting in a complete power from the bottom of orange county south to an hour into mexico, and east all the way to yuma arizona. all of san diego county was completely without power (and other counties also). it was crazy. thanks, arizona. power for us came back on in the middle of the night.

but yesterday was also the first day of my new san diego cohort of the youth ministry coaching program.

so, when the power went out and we had no lights or air (and the church we meet in was locking up), we moved to a park:

and, when my kids didn’t feel like sleeping in their hot bedrooms without a fan, they choose to sleep on the front lawn!

crazy stuff.

3 thoughts on “surviving the san diego power outage”

  1. It was complete gridlock. If you’re not prepared, then get prepared. I could go a month living my house with food and water. I think the best advice during these times is to immediately conserve, but not just energy, I mean everything: food, water, gas, charcoal, bottles, blankets, snacks, etc. Portion size is very important during these times because you really don’t know how long you will be without it! Don’t rely on others to come to your aid.

    By the way, prayers were answered and power is now fully restored. Thank you to the men and women who worked all night to fix this!

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