sweet youth ministry resource deal at ONLY144.com

i noticed something on facebook, or on someone else’s blog (i don’t remember where i saw it!) about ONLY144.com last week; but i didn’t notice what it actually was. then i heard from the guys behind it. and, i have to say, it’s a very cool idea.

they offer a package of ministry resources for 144 hours, at a special price. and this week is the first time they’ve put together a package of youth ministry resources. the 144 hours already started, so the deal runs out on thursday (of this week!). it’s $97 for $1,552 worth of youth ministry resources from 9 different producers.

seriously, here’s what’s included in the package:

  • $100 Gift Card from DownloadYouthMinistry.com
  • 8 incredible stand alone Youth Ministry videos from YouthMinistry360.com
  • Five of the best skit videos from One Time Blind
  • 3 training videos from Mark Moore
  • 6 sets of curriculum geared towards Jr. High students from JuniorHighMinistry.org
  • pre-made logo templates ready to be customized for your ministry from ChurchLogoGallery.com
  • 5 Six Minute Youth Bytes Videos
  • 24 weeks of Youth Ministry curriculum from 14:6 Ministries
  • “There’s An App for That” Teaching Series (This 12-week curriculum uses 12 of your favorite apps to teach dynamic lessons from the Bible.)
  • 40 HD Youth Ministry Programming Countdown Videos

i’m not completely familiar with all of these; but the DownloadYouthMinistry.com certificate (which i’m completely sure of) pays for the thing, so everything else is gravy. tasty, tasty gravy.

anyhow: certainly seems worth checking out. just go to ONLY144.com this week (by thursday), enter your email address, and you’ll see the deal there.


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