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top 7 reasons today is a big deal

7 is, of course, the holy number. so, in keeping with that, here are the top 7 reasons today is a big deal:

  1. it’s the beginning of a long weekend (well, if you live in the states — sorry to my global friends).
  2. it’s the early bird deadline for The Summit. prices go up twenty clams tomorrow. here’s the snarky, manipulative email The Youth Cartel send out about it this morning.
  3. it’s the last day to enter the ipad contest sponsored by our friends at the youth culture report. all the details are here — but we’re giving out TWO ipads (one for peeps who follow the instructions at that link, and another to a randomly chosen person already registered for The Summit). i promise you, these are the best odds you will ever have in a win-an-ipad contest, other than the contest where you go to an apple store and shout “i’m a winner” then buy an ipad for yourself.
  4. it’s the last day to enter the contest for a FREE registration to The Summit in partnership with our friends at 30 hour famine. we’ve been giving away a free registration every day this week over on their twitter feed, and as i write this, there are only a few entries so far today (meaning, it would be pretty easy to win!). click here for instructions.
  5. it’s the last day to get free mp3s of ALL 18 talks from The Summit. all early bird registrations automatically receive them. we’re not even sure yet if we’re going to make these recordings available to anyone else.
  6. it’s the 12th day of the 14 day cleanse i’m doing. i haven’t had caffeine or hardly anything in 12 days. in fact, i’ve not eaten anything other than water, carrot juice and apples for 12 days. 12 DAYS I TELL YOU! i can’t wait for monday.
  7. it’s friday!

new leadership at 30 hour famine

i’ve been a fan of world vision’s 30 hour famine for a long, long time. in fact, i participated in what was then called the “planned famine” when i was a teenager myself. every year, 30 hour famine engages thousands of youth groups around the world in activism and education to provide food and other basic necessities to the millions of people around the world who suffer from hunger. 30 hour famine is one of those very tangible youth ministry experiences that doesn’t involve putting teenagers on planes and taking them on costly trips. and yet, it provides a great combination of expanded world view, understanding god’s heart for the poor (a pretty good place for us to meet god ourselves!), and developmentally helpful “getting my attention off of myself” that’s so rare in the everyday lives of teenagers.

in the years that YS had a partnership with world vision around a very cool program called One Life Revolution, i had regular contact with the famine team. and i was always impressed by their passion, their expertise, their desire to serve youth workers, and their hearts to see teenagers moved.

and — this is just one guy’s opinion — but i felt like famine went through a little slump in recent years. i have no interest in trying to guess why, other than that all efforts like this (just like all organizations) have natural life-cycles, and significant renewal is needed if the effort (or organization) is going to continue to experience vibrancy and truly serve and engage their “customers” (in this case, youth workers).

but i’m feeling downright bullish about the next chapter of the 30 hour famine, due to a couple conversations i’ve had in the last few months with the new leadership. in particular, leah swindon has come on board as the new national director. i’ve had two lengthy conversations and multiple email exchanges with leah (and michele tvedt, famine’s “youth leader advisor”), and i leave every conversation and email exchange with more energy then when i entered. they’re passionate about what they do, passionate about teenagers and youth leaders, and (this is probably the part that encourages me the most) open to ideas and change. any organization that stops saying “this is how we do things” and starts saying “we want to change” puts itself in a place where great things can happen.

30 hour famine is partnering with The Youth Cartel on The Summit, and maybe some other stuff. and i’m pleased about that. but, honestly, hand to heart, i would choose no partnership but a vibrant season of fresh development and hopeful growth for 30 hour famine over the opposite (partnership, but with a 30 hour famine that is anemic and same ‘ol, same ‘ol).

i read leah’s 30 hour famine blog post about her new start after these conversations; and i can confirm that it’s not spin, not fake promises. she’s the real deal, and i’m truly pumped to both be partnering with them, and to see what will develop in famine-land over the next year or two.

i’d encourage you to follow the 30 hour famine blog.
like‘ them on FB.
follow them on twitter.
and, if you’ve never engaged with the 30 hour famine program (it’s free!), click here to learn more.

haiti bound

my life has been a bit of a blur in the last couple weeks, with two junior high winter retreats at forest home, a youth ministry event for the salvation army, and a couple days of consulting with the 30-hour famine team at world vision. yesterday, i spent the day in orange county at my coaching dealio with john townsend. and last night i packed for back-to-back trips to destin, FL, for a ciy youth ministry gathering, then on to haiti. now, i’m sitting in the houston airport, and can hardly believe this trip is upon me.

today and tomorrow i’ll be with youth workers in florida; then tomorrow night i fly from there to miami, where i’ll overnight with a few of the team before meeting up with the rest of the team on thursday to fly to the dominican republic. and on friday, we drive into haiti.

i hope to be able to get online tonite or tomorrow to post more about our actual plans (though i know our plans will likely shift when we get there!). but for now, two things:

1. please join our facebook group, and follow the posts from our team. consider signing up for prayer updates via email also. we’ll all be posting daily from haiti.

2. check out this video, put together by the organization we’re going with: adventures in missions.