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satellite imagry as art

this website has a collection of snippets of satellite images that are beautifully artistic, along with descriptions of what you’re looking at. really cool stuff. here are a couple of my favorites:

garden city, kansas, usa

Home to the largest zoological facility in Kansas, Garden City is known for its depiction in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.The croplands surrounding the city are irrigated by a vast underground aquifer, creating bands of bright red healthy vegetation that dot the image.

Aleutian Clouds, North America

The Aleutian islands are an archipelago of over three hundred islands. They lie on the westernmost point of the united states on the pacific ring of fire. Once belonging to Russia, they were purchased along with Alaska by the Americans. The color differences you see in this photo are probably due to the different temperatures of the water droplets.

Ocean Sands, Bahamas

From afar, this could look like an abstract painting, however this spectacular satellite image is of the dunes of sand and seaweed, sculpted by the ocean currents. The fluted, underwater dunes are formed in much the same way as sand dunes in deserts.