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ys staff bowling tournament

the other day, most of our staff knocked off work early for our “first annual ys staff bowling tournament.” two of our staff organized it, and 16 more of us were grouped into teams of four. we had to come up with team names and “uniforms”. and, at the after-tourney pizza dinner, there were prizes for all sorts of things, including best team name, best uniforms, best combined score, worst combined score, most gutter balls, and a few others. good times.

here are a few pics:

my team (me, adam mclane, mindi godfrey, and beth slevcove). we won the best score!

here’s the team that one the best costumes. nice, retro, bowling-alley trash look (ian robertson, steve duhamel, roni meek, and amy gilchrest).

yup, we i’m a re-juvenille.

here’s a group shot, at the pizza place.