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photo in need of a caption

awesomeness. bring on the captions.

(ht to rob craig for pointing out the photo, via fb)


Brian Buchanan
How most guys react to hearing Justin Bieber for the first time…

It seems Screamo bands are getting younger and younger… but they still draw the crowds.

Rob C
Little Timmy is still upset over the “facility charge” and “convenience charge” that Ticketmaster forced him to pay.

Daryl Lucas
(guitar riff)

Like most youth minister’s kids, little Johnny hated country music…

Benjer McVeigh
No! Not another chorus of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”!!!!

It happens at every John Tesh concert…

More cowbell!!!!!

What Adam McLane has to look forward to.

i happened to have coffee with brian aaby this morning, who was still in town after the nywc. i’d never met brian face to face before, but i’ve known him for years as a very regular blog commenter — particularly as a ‘photo in need of a caption’ commenter. so i narrowed the contender field down to a handful, and asked him to pick the winner.

his choice (though steve’s “more cowbell!!!!” was a close runner-up), was rob c’s “Little Timmy is still upset over the “facility charge” and “convenience charge” that Ticketmaster forced him to pay.”

congrats, rob c. we drank our coffee in your honor this morning!

photo in need of a caption

ok, i’ve had two somewhat serious post this week so far; so let’s mix it up with a caption contest! yee-ha! this one is on its knees, just pleading and begging for all your funny and snarky caption ideas. i’ll list ‘contenders’ in the post later today, and pick a winner by the end of tomorrow (thurs).


Posted every year on Youth Sunday…

Patty J
St. Matthew the Apathetic launches its new membership campaign

“Explanations are for when you get home and your wife has questions about the sermon. 1 Corinthians 14:33-35.”

Like sex, movies, and Shakespeare, First Baptist realized too much talking can ruin the experience.

Andrew Seely
(not shown – sign below)
“please see note nailed to our front door”

Mark Riddle’s latest Book title.
note from marko: while very insider-ish, this one is drop-dead hilarious, and will be very hard to beat!

Aaron E Elmore
Let people figure out how to handle the snakes on their own…

The people of Explanatia were appalled at the church’s blatant discrimination.

and the winner is…
holy cow — i suck. between cramming to get stuff done before leaving town, then flying to north carolina, i spaced on picking a winner. contenders, please accept my apologies! were it not for calvin calling me out on a tweet, i may have forgotten about this for days more. and, for that, calvin gets 2nd place!

i thought gman’s comment was going to be impossible to beat; but othy’s late entry slipped past into first!

The people of Explanatia were appalled at the church’s blatant discrimination.

photo in need of a caption

i hadn’t planned on posting today. but, darn it, i feel like a caption contest! so that’s just what i’m gonna do! bring ’em on.


Marvin Nelson
Narnia Fail: Lucy Plays for Tumnus

David Sims
Gretchen’s rendition of ‘Stand Up For Jesus’ was known to be the best in the tri-state area.

Miley Cyrus, ten years later… performing at produce stands near Branson

Talk about youthworker stereotypes … musician, dancer, and goatee.

adam mclane
“And then we ate it.”

things Dumbledore fantasizes about…

Jonathan Hobbs
The Creation Festival had very humble beginnings…

In Season 4 of HEROES, new character Helga struggles to find the usefulness of her particular “gift”.

Travis Sharp
Knowing they will be on The Ark for 40 days, Noah’s daughter begins working on some entertainment.

Appalachian Idol tryouts

Chris Weber
No, Bishop, I didn’t think this morning’s liturgical dance piece was over the top at all. Which part was it that bothered you?

and the winner is…
another tough one to decide – there were some great captions for this one! i’m just gonna have to call a tie (in order to include my two favorites):
Rob, “Miley Cyrus, ten years later… performing at produce stands near Branson”, and adam mclane’s “And then we ate it.”

gentlemen, raise an imaginary iGlass together in a toast to your awesomeness, and i’ll pick up the iTab.

photo in need of a caption

ok, i give in. so many have asked for the return of the old “photo in need of a caption” contests from my old blog, that i’ll play along. but you must realize, i no longer have the power or wherewithal to grant free books to the winner! so with that incentive gone, we may see a dramatic decrease in playas. but we’ll see.

the rules, in case you forgot:
– add a caption as a comment.
– it can be a “title” for the photo, or a “comment” made my someone or something in the photo. either way is fair game.
– if you look back at past winners, you will certainly notice that i have a penchant for the uniquely skewed, rather than the obvious.
– the winner is selected by a purely subjective and biased committee of one: me.
– the prize for winning, in the new whyismarko photo in need of a caption contests is… a hearty congratulations! (maybe if some publisher wants to start spiffing me with sample copies of books like they do for jon acuff, i can start offering books as prizes again).

with that, i give you this beauty. have at it. i’ll likely close the contest in a few days — but i promise nothing.



Lance | Thank you, I see that hand, are there others who would like to make a decision tonight?

Jason | “…and so who’s ready to accept Jesus as their savior NOW?”

E. Sutter | Unfortunately, it wasn’t until this very moment that Noah realized what ‘cubit’ was.

Jeff Myers | When puppets get caught skinny-dipping.

Ryan Feltman | True election at it’s finest. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14)

Linda Brangwynne | Pastor Bubba, recent seminary graduate, rethinking baptism: maybe sprinkling is better than immersion.

brian aaby | To Save A Life

Randy Raus | The Charismatic Prayer Team’s misguided attempt at going “deeper”!

pbj | nobody gets to breath until I have some volunteers for the Junior Boys all-nighter

brian aaby | Jeff Probst still kickin’ it on Survivor in the year 2037.

ok, since i’m goin’ out of town for a few days, i’m going to go ahead and call a winner…


Jeff Myers | When puppets get caught skinny-dipping.

very original and funny, jeff. nicely played. here’s your prize, dude. enjoy!

photo in need of a caption

love the randoms ones, and this certainly qualifies! best caption wins the ys book of yer choice…



Steve – New Approaches In Grief Counseling

othy – J.J. Abrams remake of H.R. Pufnstuf, was just not as good as his remake of Star Trek.

Brad – Though unorthodox, Dr. Zaslow was committed to his innovative creep therapy to treat Sam’s depression.

Poul Wilson – Apparently the yellow man group wasn’t as big a hit as the blue man group!

ryan – The depression monster is a real thing, don’t ignore him any longer.

joe t – father?

Rob – With no one hiring, Vacation Bible School actors ‘Grimace and Barret’ ponder their future.

Rob – Michael Stipe’s thinking place.

jimmy byrd – Skit Guys – the lost tapes

Jeff Myers – Does this outfit make me look fat?

Dusty – Nooma 23 : Twinkie

Tim – Big Bird after the defeathering process

othy – “….and just at that moment, my camouflage suit stopped working…”

jeremy street – Herman dons the Gas B Gon full body suit. It doesn’t work.

and the winner is…

man, some really funny ones this time around. tough call. but i’m gonna go with the very simple, but very funny “father?” submitted by joe t (i assume joe troyer?). joe t, send me an email.

photo in need of a caption

no, seriously, this is one of the weirdest photos i’ve seen in a while. totally random. so i expect that some of you will nail a caption contest with stuff that is wonderfully random. continuing our few-month-long weekly wednesday photo caption contest…

(best one gets the ys book of yer choice)



Rob – “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”

Brad – So they do the greased up watermelon game at cat church camp too

Jason C – When this thing hatches, I’m gonna eat like a king!

David – I shall call you Carl

Jim King – On the next episode of Lost…

cal – A picture of what goes on inside Paris Hilton’s head.

jeremy street – 20,000 Fleas Under The Sea

Russ – You are not supposed to leave. The island brought you here. It is your destiny.

Jeff Myers – …At that moment, the old cat bent down, picked up the watermelon, and threw it back into the ocean. “Made a difference to that one,” he replied.

Rob – the fantasy life of a vegan dog

Jeff Myers – On day 62 of being stranded on the island, Dog began to wonder why Cat was always staring at him.

Kevin I – Jim’s list of what two things he’d need if stranded on a desert island should have been a little more practical.

Dan – The side of Ted Nugent’s target practice range the media didn’t show you.

Phil – I hate my life

joe t – After the photos of frolicking on the beach with a watermelon were released, Cutie was asked to step down by the archdiocese.

Rob – With the tide begining to rise, Milo hopes Otis arrives soon with the vodka.

Larry M – Fluffles was full of regret, and would do anything to get that third wish back.

and the winner is…

good stuff this time around! tough call. but i’m goin’ with one of the last ones submitted:

Larry M – Fluffles was full of regret, and would do anything to get that third wish back.

nice one, larry m. shoot me an email.

photo in need of a caption

week three of our multi-month rampage of weekly (usually wednesday) caption contests!

and, yes, that is a bear. bring it. same rules as usual: best caption wins the ys book of yer choice.



Animal Planet’s attempt at “The Amazing Race” was a dismal failure.
Comment by Heidi Renee

Russian travel rule 17: When inviting friends over for dinner, spell out BYOB.
Comment by adam mclane (ysmarko: adam’s not actually eligible to win!)

Hey look honey, your mother is here!
Comment by Trey Bledsoe

Much to the delight of his documentary’s final audience, Borat was able to get the bear through customs and home to Kazakhstan.
Comment by Dan

Winnie the Pooh: European Vacation
Comment by Jeff Myers

We brought the heavy hitters out this time for Mail Box Bashing!
Comment by Kevin

Another escapee from Neverland Ranch.
Comment by Rob

Elisha Cab Co. Doesn’t take any guff from teenagers.
Comment by Kevin I

“This Isnt That Much Fun, stupid lying dog…”
Comment by jeremy street

Death-Cab for Cubbie
Jeff Myers

and the winner is…

some really good ones this time! i had a hard time choosing; but i’m goin’ with the one that made me laugh out loud:

Another escapee from Neverland Ranch.
Comment by Rob

congrats, rob! shoot me an email.

photo in need of a caption

ok, it’s been a little while since we’ve had a caption contest, and i got an email the other day asking for one. so here you go! best caption wins the ys book of your choice.



Shelves, yeah we really could use some shelves!
Comment by Poul Wilson

Since the practice “performance” has been leaked to the internet for this Fall’s NYWC … Jay thought his adoring fans would never find him up here!
Comment by Gman

All of this pantry space, and all we have to eat is freeze-dried lima beans.
Comment by Brad

“I just know my diorama will win this year!”
Comment by Brian

sub-woofers in space
Comment by Rob

NASA unveils the new Hubble Viewmaster
Comment by Bob

The kid with the biggest suitcase always shows up last!
Comment by pbj

You should see the size of the bag of microwave popcorn he is waiting on.
Comment by Chris Saulnier

and the winner is…

dang! i’m so sorry — i totally spaced on wrapping this one up! ok, so, some good contenders, but i’m gonna go with bob’s “NASA unveils the new Hubble Viewmaster”. that gave me a good chuckle. shoot me an email, bob.

photo in need of a caption

ok, so i have to admit, i’m a little nervous about posting this one for a caption contest, because i don’t want this to become a series of ethnic jokes. ok? ya hear me? this photo calls for funny captions, for sure; but i’ll delete any i deem over the line.

with that: have at it! best one wins the ys book of yer choice. last caption contest i ran had like 100+ comments — let’s see how this one goes!

the quantity of comments is a little lower than last time, but the quality is great! creative and funny people, you are. here are the ones that really caught my attention so far…

David Letterman gets a little carried away with his “Will it float” game.
Comment by Larry Darnell

They’re only 90% baptized.
Comment by Aaron

The latest strip mall trend: Michael Phelps’ Nursery and Daycare
Comment by Rob

This probably isn’t the best way to test the absorbency of diapers.
Comment by miller

Ladies and Gentlemen – Step Right Up! Land a ping pong ball in the ring, and win a BABY!
Comment by Jeff Pom

Excuse me, I need to “drop the kids off at the pool”.
Comment by Jeff Myers

The Even Curiouser Case of Benjamin Chin
Comment by Jeff Myers

Does the water seem warmer in this one?
Comment by Jeff Moulton

“the new cry room seems to be holding pretty well”
Comment by Scott

Even with the polar ice caps melting and all, this next evolutionary step just seems a little off.
Comment by Mike

All this to get out of changing a diaper?
Comment by Richard Jones

a dad says to his friend “see.. told you watching the kids would be easier than you thought”
Comment by Jpack

Parenting Class: Worst Case Scenario week.
Comment by Kevin I

“Mom, that’s not really where baby’s come from is it?”
Comment by Jan Ussery

Some say the latest PETA campaign to rebrand the puffer fish went a little too far…
Comment by Mike

and the winner is…

great stuff this time! it was tough to choose a winner, but i’m going with
“the new cry room seems to be holding pretty well”
Comment by Scott

i chose it because it’s funny, but also because it’s got an edge of skewering to it that almost seems plausible.

shoot me an email with your book of choice, scott.

photo in need of a caption

yup, it’s a real classic photo. but it’s ripe with potential for a caption contest!

whatcha got? best caption wins the ys book of your choice.

(photo ht to think christian)


wow — 100 comments in 24 hours. good job, everyone!

these are the ones that stand out (from my limited, subjective perspective) at this point…

after the most recent red punch spill on the carpet, the youth group is forever banished to the road in the new mobile youth room
Comment by ty hogue

“We use to go to the 1909 Model T Church. But now we go to the 1928 Chevy AB Roadster Church.”
Comment by John Howenstine

Comment by Jim V

Archive photo of Rick Warren before he discovered Purpose for his Driven Church
Comment by Bob

the perfect church for when the Spirit moves.
Comment by Joel Diaz

Model A Ford (Invented October 1, 1908)
Youth group Road Trip (Invented October 6th 1908)
Comment by Keith Turner

Who’s ready for the Winter Retreat of a lifetime??!!
Comment by Jim Clark

Holy rollers!
Comment by Jeff Myers

In retrospect, the stained-glass really affected visibility.
Comment by Jeff Myers

Youth Ministry 0.3
Comment by Brian

I bet his daughter hated when dad had to drop her off for school
Comment by Trey Bledsoe
(ysmarko: not so much a caption, but a dang funny comment!)

If this church is rockin, don’t come a knockin’
Comment by Heidi Renee

believe it or not, you can fit 48 middle schoolers in here!
Comment by randy

Bradley’s parents finally figured out a way to prevent their son from getting to second base on his dates.
Comment by brian aaby

Best Church Van EVER!
Comment by Kevin Klas

Pimp my ride- ministry edition.
Comment by Chris Saulnier

the ladies auxiliary board rose up in protest after it was obvious there was no room for the organ.
Comment by jess

Les Christie thinking out of the box!
Comment by Ben V

The Elders decided to bless the pastor with a new car instead of an iphone.
Comment by Ben V

The Pastor took hit and run evangelism a little too seriously…
Comment by Paul B

Bible Across America.
Comment by Mandy
(ysmarko: mandy has spent the last 1/2 year of her life in an RV for bible across america)

…Cornwall Finnigan escorted his only daughter into the vehicle, and asked only that she be returned before midnight.
Comment by John
(ysmarko: john now takes the #1 spot as the longest caption contest comment ever. dude wrote an entire short story!)

Amish mid-life crisis
Comment by Rob

and the winner is…
yeah, this choice is definitely my own bias, but brian’s caption made me laugh the most:
Youth Ministry 0.3

shoot me an email, brian