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things that bother me

my friend kurt johnston didn’t set up his “things that bother me” post as a meme, nor did he tag me; i just felt like copying the idea and creating my own list!

The Power of the TSA
i am regularly annoyed by the combination of incompetence and power of the lovely employees of the TSA. grrr. don’t even get me started. anyone who follows me on twitter gets to witness me whining about this on a regular basis.

The Volume of TV Commercials
nothing like having the volume set perfectly in that “i can hear it, but i won’t wake up my kids” zone; then, commercials come on at twice the necessary volume. this is possibly one of the best reasons for dvr/tivo.

Simon Cowell’s Shirts (and Paula Abdul’s inability to be critical)
my family is adicted to idol, i’ll admit. and i actually enjoy the nasty reality that simon cowell brings (as opposed to paula’s pablum). but, dude, you’re a serious mega-rich jet-setter; doesn’t someone you trust ever tell you your shirts are big-time ugly?

People Who Fart More Than Once on a Flight
really. i was on a flight the other day, and the poor guy wedged into the middle seat next to me decided all the rest of us needed to be punished for his seat selection. dude farted nastiness about every 20 minutes. i handled it maturely, after the third or fourth time, by stage-whispering things like “oh, come on!” with each subsequent cloud o’ stink. one fart? hey, we all have needs. but more than one? that’s crossing a line.

BriteKite on Twitter
britekite is a stupid little twitter app that allows people to post their location via the gps on their phones. listen, i DO NOT care that you are at Wal-Mart, or Arby’s, or what the address of your church is. twitter is self-indulgent enough without this insanity (especially when you britekite the same location five times in a week).

Service Provider Companies Where You Can’t Reach a Live Person on the Phone
argh. i’m getting ticked just typing this! just the other day, i spent 20 or 30 minutes cycling through the options on an auto-receptionist routing tree from hell. we’ve all had this experience. i can understand the need to have an auto-attendant in some businesses. but if all else fails, please give me a “connect with a real person” option! i am paying you, after all!

Christians Who Give Us a Bad Rep
hate. fear. distancing. condemnation. judgment. man, i really don’t like being in a situation where i have to say, “well, i’m not THAT kind of christian.” how ’bout this: all the christians who are fear-filled, condemning, judgmental haters start calling yourself something else, and leave “christian” to those who actually try to love like jesus. you could call yourself “religious” — that would be ok. or, maybe “gong”, as in the sound of something without love.

The Smallness of McDonald’s McGriddles
i have a not-so-secret weakness for the little bit of syrup-flavored deliciousness called the mcgriddle. but have you seen the size of them recently? they shrunk them to about 1/2 their original size, i swear. i thought i was getting play-skool toy food!

People Who Don’t Turn Their Turn Signals Off
seriously: if you’re not actually changing lanes or turning, get that thing off!

ok, that was just off the top of my head. i’m sure i could come up with more. how ’bout you? feel like unloading a bit? add a comment…