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my “wrecked for the ordinary” interview

jeff goins, on his “wrecked for the ordinary” blog, regularly conducts an “8 questions with…” interview with an author. jeff sent me a list of 8 questions about youth ministry 3.0, and posted the results yesterday on his blog.

here’s one of the 8 questions (with my response). but click through for the rest of the interview.

7) As a youth leader, what’s something that you just wouldn’t risk getting fired over (i.e. a nonessential)?

Hmmm. This is a very interesting question. I think I would risk getting fired over anything that I passionately believe – whether that’s about approaches and values, or about theological issues. So, I wouldn’t stand my ground on things like particular events or programming bits, but I would totally risk getting fired over a massive collection of things like: the roles of volunteers, the emphases and values of the ministry, our desire to help students meet the radical, life-altering, revolutionary Jesus (in other words, I have no interest in perpetuating the desire to create nice, compliant, church attending kids), the inclusivity of love, the call to justice, and a whole bunch of other things!

how ’bout you guys? what would you risk getting fired over (from a ministry position)?