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a case study in hatred and intolerance

the massively popular website ebaum’s world somehow got a hold of the pic of me and jeannie in costume at the ys staff christmas party last year, and posted it on thursday. within 12 hours, there were over 40,000 views, and over 1100 comments (now, two days later, it’s at 64,000 views and 1500 comments)! the crazy thing is that 99.9% of the commenters clearly thought it was a serious picture of real dancing protesters. dude, i should feel flattered that our outrageous costumes were that believeable!

(warning: the 1100+ comments are seriously raunchy)

it struck me that this was an unintentional case study in hatred and intolerance. we were snarkily mocking people who exhibit hatred and intolerance with our costumes (the “youth specialties leads to hell” posters were inspired by a guy at our anaheim conventions that year who had real posters that said that). but the response of the commenters on ebaum’s world exhibits the same level of hatred and intolerance. interesting, and kind of sad, really.