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photo in need of a caption

i have a whole bunch of “photo in need of a caption” posts in my drafts – like a dozen of them or so. so, i’m going to post one a week until i run out! yes, it’s a pinoac bonanza!

that also means there’s a free ys book that’s going to be given away every week.

let’s start with this little gem. whatcha got for me?

Wyoming Wildlife

(ht to rob craig for the photo, via email)


some really funny ones this time around! props to you all!

Two Buck Chuck!
Comment by Rob

This “I only work one day a year” crap has got to stop, I am tired of making old man Clause’s beer runs!
Comment by othy

Hey is that Steve on the wall in there?
Comment by Andrew Seely

I know I don’t have antlers, but I swear that ID is real!!!
Comment by Bob

Yeah, I’ll take a 6 pack of Budweiser and an opposable thumb.
Comment by jeremy street

Most elaborate hunting stand… ever!
Comment by lukefish

Deer pressure.
Comment by Jeff Myers

“oh hey! you’re mclovin the 25-yr-old organ donor!”
Comment by scott b

Dang! I brought the doe, but forgot my ID
Comment by Brian R.

We’ll take a six pack of Stag!
Comment by Jeff Moulton

and the winner is…

once again, i’m going with the short and funny:

Deer pressure.
Comment by Jeff Myers

rock it, jeff. shoot me an email.