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ryan sharp’s wack dream

ryan sharp is the brilliant songwriter and voice of the cobalt season. he sent me this incredibly random email recently, describing a dream he’d just woken up from. with his permission, i post it here for your laughter (or psychological evaluation):

Dude, I just woke up from the weirdest dream.

I was at this bar and was watching someone perform. As I left, I remember that you’re with me and it’s almost morning. We’re in a shady part of town. I decide that it’s time to head home, but you offer me a ride. Something happens where I figure out that you’re actually chasing me, so I start running, terrified. I mean seriously. It was so weird.

We must run for 5-10 minutes, dodging cars, jumping fences and all. FInally you tackle me. You tell me that you’re helping transition this church in San Diego and really need me to be the worship guy. You’re adamant and desperate. It’s really weird.

You then tell me that this was the reason you responded to my email. So, it’s now morning and you and I walk to the church. It’s an older building. I don’t recognize it. But once inside, we enter what appears to be a cry room. Some guy comes in and asks for you to come to a meeting downstairs. You leave. He tells me that his dream for this room is to be a room where women can put on their makeup. “They should be able to do that,” he says.

Then I wake up. And am so groggy. That was a wack dream.