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underwater breath holding record smashed

i think i’m pretty good at holding my breath under water. i’ve made it as long as 3 minutes before, and can regularly go more than 2 minutes. when we had a pool (our last house), i would regularly win impromptu contests.

but i’m a small-time hack compared to the people who can really do this. previous records were in the 7 minute range. but a guy recently smashed previous records with… get this… more than 18 minutes!


Gianluca Genoni held his breath for 18 minutes 3.69 seconds while lying underwater in a Mantua swimming pool, beating German diver Tom Sietas, who managed 17 minutes 19 seconds in September – also on live TV – to unseat Blaine from the Guinness world record book.

(the original article i read this in seems to be down, but this italian wikipedia link has the numbers.)