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photo in need of a caption

i’ve had this photo in need of a caption sitting in the bottom of my drafts since april of 2009. seriously. it was originally sent to me by tyler hagan (i only know that because i’d written that much of the post back in 2009!). now, well fermented and aged in oak barrels, it’s ready for the light of day. bring on the captions. best one gets your choice of prizes:

a. a big attaboy (or attagirl)
b. a complimentary space in the youth ministry coaching program (program fee not included)
c. lunch with me, my treat (transportation, accommodations and all other expenses, save for the actual food, not included)



Eric Carter
Years of rolling barrels and stealing princesses leaves a once famous Donkey Kong immobilized and alone.

Brian Pengelly
Proof that not all youth pastors become senior pastors by 40!

Planet of the Apes the golden years.

another Twitter photo of Anthony Weiner surfaces…

scooter rides with Scopes at the Unitarian VBS.

Eric Smith
Like many child stars before him, curious George bares the damage of years of wild living with little or no parental guidance.

Chris Saulnier

The Fast and The Curious

and the weiner is…

this was a tough call. a few made me snort or laugh out loud. rob’s “scooter rides with scopes at the unitarian VBS” was hilarious. but for sheer brilliance, i’m going to give it to matt and his “The Fast and The Curious”. that’s some intelligent wit there, matt. props to you. pick your prize!