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photo in need of a caption

i hadn’t planned on posting today. but, darn it, i feel like a caption contest! so that’s just what i’m gonna do! bring ’em on.


Marvin Nelson
Narnia Fail: Lucy Plays for Tumnus

David Sims
Gretchen’s rendition of ‘Stand Up For Jesus’ was known to be the best in the tri-state area.

Miley Cyrus, ten years later… performing at produce stands near Branson

Talk about youthworker stereotypes … musician, dancer, and goatee.

adam mclane
“And then we ate it.”

things Dumbledore fantasizes about…

Jonathan Hobbs
The Creation Festival had very humble beginnings…

In Season 4 of HEROES, new character Helga struggles to find the usefulness of her particular “gift”.

Travis Sharp
Knowing they will be on The Ark for 40 days, Noah’s daughter begins working on some entertainment.

Appalachian Idol tryouts

Chris Weber
No, Bishop, I didn’t think this morning’s liturgical dance piece was over the top at all. Which part was it that bothered you?

and the winner is…
another tough one to decide – there were some great captions for this one! i’m just gonna have to call a tie (in order to include my two favorites):
Rob, “Miley Cyrus, ten years later… performing at produce stands near Branson”, and adam mclane’s “And then we ate it.”

gentlemen, raise an imaginary iGlass together in a toast to your awesomeness, and i’ll pick up the iTab.