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an odd conglomeration of diverse bits, part 2 (of 2)

three more bits that i wanted to post, but hadn’t gotten around to…

adam mclane, my good friend and former ys co-worker, went along with my on our late february trip to haiti (the youth ministry advance team: haiti). adam was so deeply moved that even before we flew home, he was saying, “i don’t know how or when, but i know i’m coming back.” well, adam’s keeping that promise. and he’s opened up the trip to other youth workers, or, really, anyone who would like to go. the trip is limited to 20 people.

some details, from adam’s blog post about this trip:

* July 19-25, 2010
* Cost is $390 + travel to Port-au-Prince (seems like the flight is about $800 from San Diego, maybe more or less where you live.)
* The maximum size of the team is 20. I’d like to know who is going by mid-May.
* The team is open to anyone 21+… whether you know me from church, my work at Youth Specialties, or are a blog reader.
* This is an adult trip– which means we’ll be a team when we’re together, but it’s not quite the same as a youth group trip!
* Just like my first trip, this is being put together by Adventures in Missions. I know the team there and some of the people we’ll be working alongside.
* Kristen is going with me. Though it’s not a “couples” trip this may be an amazing opportunity for a ministry couple to go and do ministry together.
* Ideally, you have a heart for serving the Haitian church and have been praying for God to open an opportunity for you to go.
* If you are thinking of leading a team in 2011 and want to go on a preview trip, this is perfect for that.
* I don’t know 100% what we’ll be doing every day of our trip. (That will become more clear later) At this point I can only guarantee you that we’ll be doing some type of earthquake relief and working through a local Haitian pastor.

here’s adam offering the invitation to join him:

years ago, a handful of us who had been to the amazing british festival, greenbelt (SO much more than a music festival!), started dreaming about creating an american version. our conversations took many forms and turns, at one point thinking of the event as a mash-up of an americanized greenbelt and an americanized taize (i even had a terse email dialogue with a monk from taize in france, who informed me that, while he wished us well, did not think that trying to replicate taize merited any consideration at all). ys was part of this discussion for a while, and we were in serious chats with youth front camps, in the kansas city area. but we never really got anywhere with the idea. others got involved and ys stepped back (but karla yaconelli continued on as a part of what has become the board of the new festival).

i was starting to think the idea would never really come to life. so i was really pleased to see that the festival — now called the “wild goose festival” (wild goose is a celtic reference to the holy spirit, btw) — looks to be real. they’ve just hired an executive director (a guy with great greenbelt experience), have a blog up, and a date (june 2011). pay attention to this one.


my jaw literally dropped while watching this dude. damien walters takes parkour and flips and trampolines and gymnastics to a truly hard-to-believe place:

(ht to neatorama)

simon hall

simon hall is the leader of a wonderful emerging church* in leeds, UK (*alt. worship, as they call it there), called revive, and a significant part of great change that’s happening in the changing church in england. i’m sure he’ll be at greenbelt this weekend (wish i was!), leading worship or seminars, or drinking tea outside the tiny tea tent. probably all three of those.

a dozen year ago or more, jeannie and i took a trip to denmark, where i spoke at a camp, and simon brought his young worship band to lead the music (the band was fronted by then-14 or 15 year-old corrinne bailey rae). we became fast friends with simon, and have stayed in touch over the years (he visited our home in san diego a year or two ago). we have always annoyed him by singing the old SNL mike myers kid-in-a-bathtub bit: “hello, my name is simon, and i like to do drawrings…”

as part of packing for our move, jeannie and i were going through old boxes of photos stashed away in our garage, winnowing down the stack to a fourth of its size. and i came across this pic of me and simon. our hosts at the camp had taken us all out, one day, for a sail on a nearby lake, on a huge old boat.

don’t you love simon’s femme pose, and my dorky closed-eyed wonder? don’t even know what i’m holding — a danish sea-worthy cup of coffee??