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hospital reading and joey ramone

creative former youth worker kevin winningham (one of those guys who clearly has the gift of encouragement in a way i never will) sent me some reading suggestions while i was in the hospital over christmas. having been treated for cancer years earlier on the exact same hospital floor and unit i was staying on (they had me in the oncology unit only because that’s where empty beds were!), he suggested i could find these in the “hospital library” at the end of the hall. funny stuff (though full of inside jokes you may or may not get):

1. “Physicians Bedside Manner 3.0 – a Manifesto of where they’ve been, where they are and where they need to go”

2. “HELP! I Am A Volunteer Candy Striper: 50 Ways To Survive & Thrive While Seeing Old Men’s Butts While They Walk Down The Hall”

3. “Messy Colonoscopies”

4. “Wild Hospital Stories: 12 Wild Stories From The Oncology Unit”

5. “Dares From Nurse Margaret: 50 Truth And Dare Challenges For Hospital Patients Who Would Rather Be Home On Christmas Eve”

Kevin also wrote: They are all published by GS … Geriatric Specialties!

oh, and my buddy dan kimball sent me a facebook message with the oddly appropriate lyrics of a joey ramone song (who else, considering it was from dan?), i got knocked down, but i’ll get up

Sitting in a hospital bed (4x)

I, I want life
I want my life (3x)
It really sucks (2x)

Sitting in a hospital bed
Frustration going through my head
Turn off the TV set, take some drugs so I can forget

I, I want life
I want my life (3x)
It really sucks (2x)

I got knocked down, but I’ll get up

I got knocked down
[ I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)