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best youth ministry blog post of the week

my friend brian berry rants — GOES OFF, really — on ‘i love boobies’ bracelets. fantastic.

a snippet:


I hate them.

I’ve pulled them off 10 year-old boys on my soccer teams, called out guys in our high school program for wearing them, and questioned girls who walk proudly with them on- the latest of which was earlier today.

To mock them, I even bought www.ilovemanboobies.com, www.ilovemoobs.com, and www.ilovemoobies.com Yep, I own them all… cuz I was seriously thinking of starting my own stupid trend to mock the current one. I was gonna make bracelets and t-shirts with a giant silverback gorilla and his big boobies and raise money for prostate cancer or maybe diabetes or something. I just hate them so much that I don’t want to risk losing money fighting them with my satire, so I’m a chicken of an entrepreneur and haven’t done anything with my url buying spree yet.

read the rest. i was laughing out loud, and completely agreeing. can’t stand those stupid things, and find it hard to believe that anyone ever thought they were a good idea to create in the first place.