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please pray

two people to pray for today:

my dear friend jason raitz, the middle school small groups pastor at willowcreek, lost his home to a fire yesterday (in -9 degree chicago weather!). jason’s family was not in the house at the time, though his brother was. his brother has some minor burns, but is ok. but it seems they have lost everything (or, at the least, most everything). the middle school ministry team is coming around jason and his family, and there’s lots of support; but this will still be a very challenging season for jason and tracie and their kids.

please pray for jason and his family.

here’s an article about the house fire, which doesn’t even mention jason, but focuses all of how bill hybels used to live in the house.

also, ys staffer mark matlock was experiencing some left arm tingling, chest pain, and facial numbness yesterday, and wisely went to the hospital. they did a cat scan and other tests, and have ruled out a stroke. but mark is still in the hospital for other testing, under the care of a cardiologist. mark was to be on a plane this morning, for a planet wisdom event in florida. it’s not clear yet if he’ll be released in time for an afternoon flight, or will have to stay through the weekend.

please pray for mark, his wife jade, and his kids. pray for the doctors. and pray for those at the florida planet wisdom site, who are scrambling to make sure the event is still great, whether mark makes it to florida or not.