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monday morning update, april 6, 2009

the weekend that was: nice weekend of family stuff. friday night, jeannie and max and i got carry out and watched twilight. saturday, i got to sleep in a bit, then bumped around the house most of the morning. in the afternoon, i performed the wedding for the daughter of one of my closest friends (really, i was like doing the wedding for a niece). nice simple wedding, and a relaxing reception in the backyard of a beautiful home with a gorgeous view. i stayed up late that night at home, and watched pineapple express (which started slow, but got funnier as it went). sunday i went to church, then drove up to orange county to have dinner with my new leadership coaching team.

where i am at the moment: in orange county today. i’m stoked to be part of a year-long leadership coaching program that john townsend leads. there are 10 of us in the group, and we’ll meet one monday a month for 12 months. i’m sure i’ll post much more about this in the months to come, but the group i’ll be traveling with is very diverse, with people from all over the country and all kinds of different roles (from business leaders to a psychologist to a middle school administrator). i’ll drive home later this evening.

on my to-do list this week: after getting home tonite, i’ll have two days in the office before i go on vacation for a week. lots to do in those two days!

procrastinating about: now i’m back to procrastinating about the final re-writes on the middle school ministry book. it’s due right after i return from my vacation, so i need to get crackin’ on it.

book i’m in the midst of: same three i was in the midst of last week:
– i’m still listening to richard rohr’s cd series on the enneagram, called “the enneagram: the discernment of the spirits
– i’m reading the manuscript for pete gall’s next book, “learning my name
– and i’ve just started “what would google do” on my kindle

screammusic that seemed to catch my attention this past week: what caught my attention, musically, this week was actually a total disappointment. sometimes i get in the mood for some good, hook-filled hard rock, and chris cornell has provided some tasty music for those moods over the years (especially in his audioslave and solo stuff). so i was stoked to get an email from itunes that he had a new album out, and downloaded it immediately. and it totally and completely sucks. it’s like chris cornell fronting brittany spears band, or at least, like chris cornell produced by brittany spears’ producer. full of the kind of music that just does not work with his voice. i listened to it for a few days, hoping it would grow on me. but i could just hear simon cowell in my head the whole time lecturing him about how he’d chosen the wrong song.

437279next trip: woo-hoo! for christmas, we cashed in a bunch of airline miles and got some (free) flights. i gave jeannie and max a trip to london, and jeannie gave me and liesl a trip to paris. we all leave thursday and return the following wednesday. liesl and i will get to paris on good friday, and have that afternoon, plus the next four full days. we plan on doing all the things a tourist should do in paris, including the cathedrals, the eiffel tower, the museums, a trip to versailles, and other good stuff. i’m really looking forward to having this extended time with my daughter (who’s 15, by the way, and has a dream of living in france someday).

how i’m feeling about this week: can’t wait to get to paris!