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overheard at my 8th grade guys small group, premiere edition!

new school year, and my middle school guys’ small group has resumed! this year, they’re 8th graders. and this year, we split into two groups (each group still has 7 or 8 guys). so i might miss out on 50% of the amazing things said, since they’ll be said in the other group!

but here’s what i got so far:

IMG_49378th grade guy: my low this week? well… guys… I’m pregnant.

whatever logic may have existed that was a guiding force in the following conversational bit was completely lost on me!
8th grade guy: marko, you weren’t here last week, and we named our group the swag muffins.
another 8th grade guy: But we wrote it in legit Chinese
third 8th grade guy: Kim Jon Il. I mean Kim Jon Un.
me: He’s Korean, not Chinese
third 8th grade guy: Yeah, but he’s cute

this was the first time in my life that i’ve ever uttered the following phrase.
me: oh, my gosh, please put your nipple away!

me: What does it mean to be consistent at something?
8th grade boy: Jesus

8th grade guy: you’re lucky you have a brother closer to your age. Mine is like a man.
another 8th grade guy: my sister’s like a man.

IMG_49388th grade guy (with a comment that had NOTHING to do with what we were talking about!): I wonder if you fart when they jump start your heart
another 8th grade guy: you void your bowels
third 8th grade guy: what if you died on the toilet?
back to the 2nd guy: that’s what Elvis did.

me: What’s worldly wisdom?
8th grade guy: It’s like common sayings and things people believe, like “don’t trust people with big noses”

8th grade guy: My high this week was that I got taken out of school to go surfing today because the surf was so good
another 8th grade guy, incredulously: What kind of family do you have?
first 8th grade guy, quietly: A surfing family